Today was setting up the rain barrel  system. A full 8 hours work, so I am tired and sunburned but pleased.

First we repurposed some old gutters.

Next we  figured out how to assemble three barrels together but that will fill and drain evenly. The idea was a manifold connecting them and filling from the bottom up. We did make some air bleeder holes in the tops of the barrels so they will not pressurize.
Anyway here is the fitting assembly. We were fortunate in that the bungs are 1.75″ threaded so we just needed to get the same size fittings. The rest is 2″ PVC.
Now we flip them over and use some rubber connectors to complete the manifold, install the valve and downspout and we are done!
And there we are! Looks like the heavy lifting is done. Now time, some weeding, watering and harvesting await! I’ll keep you posted. Soon will come back to the perennial garden and show you what is happening there.
Happy digging!