Part of the plan for the Square Foot Garden  is a trellis to support tomatoes, squash and beans. This was a simple project, and was inexpensive. Made of ground stakes, electrical conduit, and netting and zipties, this should support whatever I can grow on it.

Easy Veggie Trellis

I’ll make three 5’x7′ frames.

[tw-divider]Parts List[/tw-divider]
4 ground stakes
6 90 degree elbows
9 8′ 1/2″ EMT – electrical conduit
Zip ties

  1. Pound in the stakes 5′ apart. – make sure you follow all local codes about digging! It would suck to hit a underground wire or pipe!
  2. DSC04311

  3. Cut three conduit pieces down to 5′, I have a handy-dandy pipe cutter, you could use a hack saw.
  4. DSC04313

  5. These are 90 degree connectors. We’ll use these to connect the top to the sides.
  6. DSC04314

  7. Weave the netting onto the frames, ziptie to the the posts and there we have it.  A quick trellis build!
  8. DSC04317

I can’t wait to have tomatoes, squash, and cucumbers growing up the trellis!

A few months later….!

Until next time, Keep Digging & Eat Well!

As we head into the 2015 growing season, these trellises are 4 years old. The netting lasts about 2 years. If you use “cattle panels” they will last many more.