I realize I’ve been pretty quiet lately, and with the exception of a few chive-talking posts not much has been going on here. I’ve been busy, the seedlings all died while I was in Germany and the incessant rain the last week slowed things down around here.

We’re still about 10 days before last frost date, but I don’t think frost is likely. I’m trying to get things in the ground but we got almost 2″ rain today in intermittent storms. I did get some work done so let’s take a look.

Above is the new vertical portion of the garden. Instead of netting as I used last year, this year I repurposed some mesh for concrete left over from the remote plot a two years back. I hope to grow butternut and spaghetti squash on it. Time will tell…

Here is the garlic I put in last fall along with some onions.










The lettuce is looking good. There are some spinach sprouts in the right three squares.









And lastly – a wide shot.


It is a bit tatty, but I’m working here! It’ll be straightened up soon enough. After this shot I put some of the peppers into  the grow boxes in the driveway. The pink in the center back ground is a divided deep bed, I put in some carrots and wedged a barrier so I can put in to potatoes later this week.

That ghastly fast food colored container will be home to some climbing beans.  As I said, we’re getting there.

Are you making progress?

Until next time Keep Digging and Eat Well!