Are you interested in where your food comes from? Do you want to grow more of your own food and cook it up right?  Maybe you are interested in canning or preserving?

People become interested in growing their own vegetables,  or producing and preserving their own food for many reasons. Some are concerned with the source of their food. Perhaps you are concerned with the growing practices and true motivation of big corporate farms that have enormous lobbying power in the seats of government. Maybe money is tight and the thought of many pounds of produce from a few dollars invested in seeds sounds like a good idea.

Whatever your reasons, you have decided to grow your own. Now there are questions. Where? How? What methods work best? What is best suited for your particular situation? What to grow? OK, I grew it, now what?

The Gastronomic Gardener is here to help. I garden, I cook, and I love to eat. Join me as I garden in a small suburban yard, experimenting with growing techniques for maximum yield. Learn with me and together we can discover the best ways to increase harvests. Then we’ll can move into the kitchen to cook, incorporating what we grew into delicious dishes and meals.

I’m David  Offutt,  and I have a passion for gardening and for cooking. My food philosophy is “get the best ingredients you can, and prepare them simply.” This allows the ingredients to stand on their own merit and ensures that cooks of almost any skill level can prepare it.

Recently I’ve decided to share what I’ve learned,  and hopefully excite and inspire cooks and gardeners alike.

I am still learning, and encourage you to take the journey with me.  Between expanding the vegetable garden and mastering new dishes I hope you will join me.

Welcome to the Gastronomic Gardener!

Here’s what others are saying….

“My good friend recommended that I check out The Gastronomic Gardner and I’m thankful she did. The site offers a wide range of recipes, each accompanied by clear, step-by-step instructions and photos.” –  John,Chicago
“I love The Gastronomic Gardener!  Great ‘how to’s for growing a beautiful and productive garden… and then also how to cook up all that lovely produce. Clear, easy to follow recipes that teach me everything from the basics to ethnic food I can’t get out here.  Keep up the great work!” –  OFG  – “from the farm in Ohio”
“I have found David Offutt’s blogs truly inspirational. His posts always have something new to offer, and are liberally illustrated with great photos… both in the kitchen and in the garden.” Mark –  Fleet, England

The Gastronomic Gardner is a thoughtful, well written blog that has made me think twice about tackling recipes I thought were too complicated. With lots  of photos, and colorful commentary, you feel like you are working right  along with him.” Marc – Frankfurt, Germany

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