Is everybody settled after the Blogger outage? I hope so. I was getting worried there for a bit.

It was unseasonably warm this week and we had a good bit of rain on Thursday night. The result is explosive growth in the garden. A lot is going on so get a beverage, sit back and enjoy.

Let’s start in the back. I haven’t given much blog time to the Japanese maple – here she is – fully leafed out.










The ferns continue to grow out – They are almost at peak, and are enormous. Lush is a good description!










There are some hosta back there. This variegated one is practically glowing.











I like this, there are at least 4 different plants in this shot.










The bleeding hearts are almost at their peak as well.










There is something about weathered wood, that I enjoy. A little moss or lichen on it gives me a sense of time, of belonging. Something about a bit of decay amongst the new life is…. poignant?


The creeping phlox is in full bloom, a puddle of color as you enter the garden.












Lilies of all stripes are growing happily.


















The peonies are not far behind.










Finally in the side garden, lupine, larkspur, beardstongue and ?










Next to update, food production progress.

Until next time, Keep Digging & Eat Well!