It was one of those mornings… that started out the night before.

No, no, rest assured … I didn’t awake with a ripping self-inflicted headache or dim memories of embarrassing acts performed in public though I do have… uh,  friends who have experience of such things in their youth…..

No, I was out the night before in the garden puttering, gathering a few things for dinner and checking on ripening veggies, thinking I had a day or so before I’d harvest them.

This morning I stepped outdoors before sunrise to water. It’s been dreadfully hot in the last week and after a wet June, July has been decidedly dry. As I was watering I poked around some and harvested the beauties  shown above. Some of these cucumbers seemed to have grown several inches in under 12 hours!

Is that possible?

Did I just miss them last night after a long day in the mercifully air conditioned Tower of Commerce?

I don’t know, but it seem seems the onslaught is just gearing up. The canner is out of storage, the new lids purchased and waiting and the garden is soon to be bursting. Tomatoes and peppers should start ripening soon.

Are you ready?

Until next time, Keep Digging & Eat well