Have you ever seen a black Tomato? While I’ve grown some “Black Prince” with not so great luck, I’ve never seen a truly “black” tomato. Until that is, a few weeks ago when I was poking around my local nursery and the young lady there who I’ve chatted with over the last years was excited to show me “something really cool.” She led me to the back and proudly gestured at the tomato shown above.

No kidding, a black tomato, and perhaps more interesting, it is grafted onto hardy root stock. Hmmm if only as a conversation piece it is interesting, if the fruit (which she assured me would mature red) is tasty then a double bonus.  So we’ll keep on eye on it.

After a period of quite warm, we’ve settled into a cool and raining pattern which is fine for the lettuces.











The alliums are doing well, garlic on the right,  shallots, scallions and red onions  all lined up. There is also radish, rocket, some bush beans, kohlrabi, spinach, and chard in very early stages.

The herbs are liking the coolness, but in the far back bed you can see some of the eggplant than needs replacing.

I was lining up the shot of the peas, and then he moved. This little chipmunk had snuck into the frame or was so still that I didn’t see him. Chipmunks are cute but destructive and I don’t tolerate them in the garden.











Today is Memorial Day in the USA.

Whatever one’s politics may be, or how one may feel about the government’s use of  its most precious resource, or the recent climate of soldier worship, one cannot deny the solemn gratitude those who gave their lives in the service of their country richly deserve.

Thank you and rest easy.


Until next time, Keep Digging and Eat well!