Just a quick post to show you the variety of tomatoes I’m growing this year.

I wanted to grow a variety of tomatoes that would allow me to that I could can, eat in salads, slice for sandwiches and inspire conversation. With that in mind the above photo shows what’s happening.
Clockwise from upper right they are:
Roma – my go-to sauce and canning tomato
Orange Oxheart (heirloom) – large sweet slicing tomato – very sweet – low acid
Sungold Cherry – small super sweet snacking and salad tomato
German Queen (heirloom) – massive slicer – I had one that was one ounce shy of 2 pounds!
Indigo Rose – interesting hybrid, starts out black turns reddish when ripe -flavor not very remarkable.
big pic
The basil and onions are also courtesy of the garden. Now I better grab a fork before it all gets devoured!

Until next time, Eat Well & Keep Digging