About a month ago I planted tomatoes and peppers using three different techniques.
1) Grow boxes









2) Square foot garden









3) And over at the Veggie plot a few miles away.









So far moisture has not been an issue between the gardens. The Growboxes do come with fertilizer strips, the Squarefoot garden is naturally fertile from all the compost, and the veggie plot we know is very fertile.

In the Growboxes

  • Tomatoes 
    • Celebrity – 24″ tall, fruit and many blossoms
    • Roma – 18″ tall, fruit, many blossoms
  • Peppers
    • Between 8 and 12″ tall, no fruit loaded with blossoms










In the Squarefoot beds:

  • Tomatoes
    • Celebrity – 21″ tall, fruit and many blossoms
    • Roma – 21″ tall, fruit, many blossoms
  • Peppers
    • Between 8 and 18″ tall, some fruit, many blossoms










Here’s a shot of the garden behind the house, with the veggie beds surrounded by flower beds. Quite a difference from a month ago!









A quick drive over to the veg plot, some weeding and scratching – as expected this is a little neglected – but as we have had sufficient rain (and more on the way) things are growing – including the weeds!

  • Tomatoes
    • Celebrity – 23″ tall, no fruit and some blossoms
    • Roma – 16″ tall, 2 fruit and some blossoms
  • Peppers
    • Between 6 and 10″ tall, 2 fruit, some blossoms 










And a shot of the whole garden…










Not much difference in growth between Growbox and SFG in terms of plant size, and the tomatoes at the veggie plot  are not far behind, but the peppers are relatively stunted.

Fruit production:
The difference so far between the Growbox and SFG is, in my mind, negligible, and the in-ground veggie plot lags behind.

Some of the difference might be explained by differences in light exposure between here and the veggie plot. Time will tell if any ground is made up, if the SFG can support larger plants later in the season, and if there is difference in long term fruit production. Stay Tuned!

Until next time, Keep Digging & Eat Well!