So I am trying something new this year, a hoop house over the vegetable box. The vegetable box is quite small – only 4′ x7′. But I thought I could get a jump on the lettuce and green onions.

In previous years we’ve grown with decent success tomatos, cilantro, basil, and eggplants. Last year the eggplant did not do so well. Not sure why, maybe too crowded?

The purpose of the hoops house is to protect the plants from cold, excessive pounding rain which is common this time of year, and to heat the soil up.

After putting up the hoop house I put in a high-low thermometer. It got up to 110 degrees on a sunny 55 degree day! But it didn’t do that well in keeping it warm. Perhaps the hoops are too big?

Construction was very easy, I spent 5 x $.89 for the 1/2″ x 10′ pcv pipe, I already had the clear plastic, the clamps (big binder clips), the 1/2″ emt (electrical) conduit guides, lumber, tape and hinges.

So here are the pictures, it’s not fancy, but effectiveness trumps aesthetics.










The lettuce and onions are in – and just in time – the torrential rains of the last days would’ve made a mess of the delecate plantings. I’ll keep you posted.  Next up, peony supports, and not those hoops things that they sell – well OK I do use them for two plants that are isolated but not for the long solid bed.
Until later Dear Reader…