I’ve been trying to get to the bed frames made for about two weeks now. Weather and obligations have prohibited me from getting this done. Today they were calling for rain (it’s sunny right now) so I got up early and started working on them again.

The old frames have a 4×4 in each corner.










Well I don’t want to lose precious space so they had to come out. The issue was the screws had stripped and I ended up having to cut them off. This was a major pain in the neck but finally got it done.

I used Steel “L” brackets to re-assemble them.










Then I built two more boxes – 2×8 using the same technique.










The Student (my dear wife) helped me carry them to their approximate positions.










As you can see I still need to move the stairs, but that will wait.

I have 88 square feet for my first raised box garden attempt.  Hopefully it is a managable size.

Next steps are level the garden,  put down the weedblock cloth, mix and fill the boxes and plant.
Until next time, Keep Digging & Eat Well!