As the days get shorter and there is more to do, it it becoming more difficult to get over to the vegetable garden. That said, it has been a week since my last visit, temperatures are definitely autumnal and the daylight is diminishing.

The garden as a whole looks pretty shaggy.










I think the eggplant and the peppers still look the healthiest.

The acorn squash has done OK.










The fall planting of radish, and beets hopefully will produce viable fruit.










There are still many green tomatoes on the vine so we should get at least a couple more hauls before anticipated first frost. (Oct 15) The trick will be to get out to the plot and harvest all the greenones before they are frost damaged.

Overall yesterday was a good harvest! I’ll be busy today putting up more tomato sauce. Those feet belong to some helpers!










Until next time Keep Digging & Eat Well!

The Gastronomic Gardener