A walk around the garden this cool autumn (I love that word) morning and there is still color and form in the garden. The hummingbird has been visiting the nasturtium, it’s doing very well after a slow start. Some of these blossoms are bound for the salad plate.

The stone crop is feathery in front of the echinacea which the goldfinches have been enjoying.
Got the tomatoes out of the kitchen garden, will pull most of the basil to get in the late lettuce crop. The basil is vigorous to say the least!
In the side garden the rudbeckia and geraniums look good together.
I like this, the decay of the peony which are finally drying out, the old pot, and the bright red geraniums. A nice contrast.
The little cherub greets you on the path.
The miscanthus’ feathery bloom. It looks like hoarfrost to me.
Hops cones.










It is likely that both the miscanthus and hops will be de-install for good this fall. The hops are so invasive they cause some issues and the miscanthus have grown so large they flop over and lay down on other plantings. There are three big clumps, at very  least I’ll split them up and only keep a third of them. Anyone  want some?

The Gastronomic Gardener