The last few years, before I got more interested in vegetable gardening, I would start most of my vegetables by purchasing seedlings. There is nothing wrong with that, but it transfers some control over to the big producers.

I want a more hands-on experience, so I’ve started some from seed this year. A few homemade pots, started a while ago and some new pots started tonight.

Tonight’s new starts include:
Hot lemon pepper
Kung Pao peppers
Cimmaron Lettuce
Sweet bell pepper

No, there are no pictures, no need to show pots of seed starter.

The other sprouts are in the south window of the “sun room” and they seem to be doing well.
They include:
3 kinds of tomato ( Cherry, Roma, Rutgers)
Black Beauty eggplant
2 peppers (Jalapeno, Habenero) 

Yes, I’m a little heavy on the chilies and tomatoes, but that is what we eat and preserve.  It may not seem like many seedlings but the Square Foot Gardening method suggests that we don’t need as many because we won’t be thinning. I like the theory.

While we are out here, I might as well show  you the “sun room.” Originally an exterior porch on my little Sears house (circa 1927), this was converted to a three season porch before I bought the house 10 years ago. I ripped out the walls, and added insulation and  now it is usable year-round. Yes there is a great deal of stuff in here. I live here, it’s not a show place!









Anyway, there are seedlings growing, but I can’t wait to get outside and going on the beets and carrots!

What do you have in little pots waiting for warmer weather?

Until next time, Keep Digging & Eat Well!