Finally, we’ve had a week with out rain. Not that I’m complaining about the rain but rather about the lack of sun.

I’ve not been over to the veggie garden in a few days, and I do have kitchen scraps to add to the compost pile.  Whatever scraps we can’t use in the freezer soup bucket, goes into the compost bucket. As we pay for our trash removal, it makes more sense to improve our soil, than pay to have it go in a landfill.

Let’s see what’s happening.

Ther green beans are just starting to mature

The cherry peppers are going, but not sure we’ll have enough to pickle. Time will tell.
Perhaps the vigorous thinning will result in a few beets.
The pumpkin/squash look good too , hopefully get some fruit off these blossoms.
Oh, and the real reason for going, the compost heap. Fortunately, the homeowner has six chickens and the coop straw, full of poop, and feathers get added weekly. Should be really nice by next year.
So there we are for today. Weather report is for hot humid and rain for the next week.
Until next time, keep digging!

 The Gastronomic Gardener