The week of warm weather has certainly moved things along but without rain I’m depending too much on municipal water to keep things moist.

Last year I used and reviewed Growboxes* and the peppers seemed to do the best of the all veggies using that method. I’ve got them planted again (I purchased one more Growbox this year) this time all (save one) in chillis.










Because the chillis (or peppers, depending upon where you are) tend to flop over, especially late in the season and by then it is too late to try to provide support,  I am starting early.


I picked up some cheap “tomato towers” that while too lightweight to support a big tomato plant, but should be sturdy enough to prop up the chilli plants.

By design they are meant to be pushed into the ground but as this is on a cement parking pad I need a different solution.

Easy enough, measure 6″ up from the bottom and bend to a right angle using a scrap bit of lumber to use as a form.




At this point I repeated the process and tucked the “feet” under the Growboxes allowing their weight to  anchor the supports. A quick tie to the fence and we are set for the season. I hope. Notice I’m going for function here not so much fashion.









While I’m out here let’s take at look at the rest of the garden. Garlic and onions doing just fine.










I’ve got some Black-eyed peas and Romano beans in pots that have germinated.










And the lettuces are looking really good. The deer netting that covers most beds is keeping the birds and squirrels out. I need to do a little weeding and also thin the spinach on the right third of the bed. I won’t be buying lettuce any time soon!










Potatoes are making an appearance. I’m quite excited about this, it’s my first time. I had to cover the potatos with various screens to discourage the squirrels who love to dig in all the beds if allowed to.








Another bed with tomatoes, broccoli and brussels sprouts.










The Chard is looking good – the strange distortion is the deer fencing.










Finally I have some thinning to do, a good problem to have!











Now we are up to date. How does your garden grow?


Until next time, Keep Digging and Eat Well!


*Disclaimer, I recieved no consideration other than the Growboxes that were sent for me to review