Scotch eggs have been around a long time. This wiki article goes into the history. I’ve had them warm and at room temp, they are a fine finger food when enjoying your favorite adult beverage or just as a snack.

They start with a good hard boiled eggs. You may know this but stay with me. Older eggs make the best hard boiled eggs, something about the change in PH makes them easier to peel. Cook them only enough to set the yolks and avoid the green tinge that sometimes coats the yolk.

Scotch Eggs

6  hard boiled eggs
1 or 2 eggs lightly beaten for coating
1/2 cup (125 ml) flour for dredging
salt for the water
12 ounces (375 g) loose sausage – I’m using the Yankee Sage Sausage I made the other day.
Bread Crumbs – make your own or boxed is OK too, I’m using Panko bread crumbs because I like the texture


  1. Start oil to fry @ 350F – 180C
  2. Set up your prep station
  3. DSC03612

  4. Dredge cooled, peeled eggs in flour, tapping off the excess
  5. DSC03613

  6. Wrap in a layer of the raw loose sausage.
  7. Dip in raw egg to coat
  8. Roll in bread crumbs
  9. Fry eggs in 350F oil for 10 minutes
  10. DSC03614

  11. Drain on paper towels. Let cool to room temperature. Cut in half or quarters and serve.
  12. DSC03616 
    A couple of final thoughts. Use medium or small eggs. These are really big once you wrap them in sausage. You may want to start with more sausage to be sure to cover them all. Next time I’ll likely break out the deep fryer. They could also be baked which I might also try.  In any event, they are delicious!

    Until next time, Eat Well & Keep Digging!