With all the rain, the yard is quite lush. We had several severe storms that caused limb damage to trees that I did not realize because I had not left the house. Today on a brief errand, before the pain got the best of me, I saw piles of branches and limbs dropped by the storms.

The other side of it of course is the  garden has had a great deal of moisture. The coreopsis is cheerful, bobbing atop lacy foliage.

An unexpected bloom in the roses, This is not one of the roses that burst 6 weeks ago rather a creeper that has entwined itself in the shrubs.  A lovely splash of color.
The trumpet lilies are huge, some are taller than I am! Those fences are 4′ tall for perspective. Seems like something out of Alice and Wonderland.
These are a soft subtle color.
Look at these giants!
A nice splash of color in the flower box. Love the coleus.
One of the sedums is blooming. Once it is done I will tear it out along with the iris and redo the beds.
Finally, the chiminea, it just looked so rustic next the giant grass and in front of the hops.










So that is all I have for today. I must say I am pleased with the continuous bloom in the garden. It makes it fun to stop out and look around.

Happy Digging!