Garden Wizards are here to help! Use these tools from the Gastronomic Gardener to help solve common questions.

Frost Free Calculator based on Zip Code (USA Only)
When can you expect to be able to plant? When should you expect that first frost? Most gardeners worry about their garden zone, but that only tells part of the story. Plug in your zip code and get thirty years worth of reporting data to predict the last frost date in the spring and the first date in the fall.

Based on the frost free calculator, we’ll provide you guidelines for indoor  and outdoor starting dates for the most common vegetables grown.

Soil Calculator – How much material do you need to fill in your raised box beds? This tool will help decide how much to buy based on the size and depths of your beds.  Avoid unneccessary  trips to the store and only buy what you need.

Water Volume by Rainfall Calculator – Find out how much water you can really capture when it rains.