As gardeners we try to manipulate nature.

We improve soils, plant seeds that are the result of years of breeding, we water when nature does not provide, we protect plants early and late in the year to extend growing seasons, we even shade plants when the sun is too strong.

And so we congratulate ourselves and post pictures of triumphs when our broccoli grows strong, or the number of cucumbers surpasses our ability to eat or can them all.

As if….

The reality is we have so little control over nature, and when she gets her back up we are rather insignificant in our ability to do anything except wait it out and clean it up.

Yesterday we had a storm blow though in early afternoon. It didn’t last very long but apparently didn’t have to.

As we ventured out of the basement and walked around a little shell shocked at the arboreal devastation, the sounds of summer cicadas were soon replaced by the chattering of chain saws and drone of portable generators. I counted 14 downed trees just from the end of the driveway with even moving my feet, just looking up and down the block. We lost our beautiful magnolia in front of the house, and the towering black locust that provided such lovely shade over the deck. The trees that were lost may be replaced, but they will never regain the size and maturity in my life time. The news helicopters are flying over, and the intrepid reporters are reporting live! from several nearby street corners.

In August 2007 we had a similar storm that hit the area and it caused a great deal of highly localized damage.

This time the damage covers a much wider area. The power is out. They are saying 7-10 days to restore it. Hopefully, that is a conservative estimate but I can’t really tell.  The forecast calls for temps in the mid to upper 90’s for the week with daily doses of thunderstorms. On the plus side, there are no more trees to come down

I’m sending this from one town over in the air-conditioned comfort of the library.

I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.

































































The last photo you can see the big limb that came down on the deck and garden after we took the branches off and began to take it apart. You can see some damage to the garden. That’s the topic for another post.

Until next time… Stay Safe!