It’s that time of year again when the produce is mounting up and you can either be overrun by it or be putting it up for later. As you know I am a big fan of canning. It’s old-school, and doesn’t depend on electricity to keep it safe.

My three favorite books (click on the links to buy them) for canning include:

Ball’s Blue Book guide to preserving possibly the best starter book out there.  Great for beginners. Up to date and easy to follow.



Preservation Kitchen  by Chef Paul Virant. Excellent and varied recipes – small batch measurements – easily scalable. With recipes incorporating your preserved food, it’s a great inspiration.



Growing and Canning Your Own Food by Jackie Clay – a no nonsense, down home guide to canning everything including meat. Don’t look for this on Amazon, no idea why it is $500, when on the originating site it is only $25


While I could go into the basics of canning,  I’ll direct you to one of my favorite sites to learn abut canning. is a great site,  especially if you’re looking to find you-pick-it farms in your state,  this is  site you should bookmark.  But to me, one of the great  services this site provides is the  clear instructions and advice to getting started canning. Don’t let the ads put you off, click the links below and scroll down. You will not be disappointed!

Tips on Water bath canning.

Tips on Pressure Canning.


I hope you find these links and books helpful, I know I did.

Until Next Time, Eat well & Keep Digging


These links to Amazon, Backwoods Home, and Pick Your Own .org are provided as a courtesy, I receive no benefit whatsoever for posting them.