Yesterday I was looking through Freecycle for what I might find and found some pallets that I can use at the vegetable plot for the compost bin.  Upon inquiring, there was only one left but one is better than none right?

When I arrived for pickup, I first noticed an extraordinary garden. Well! The woman who was giving away the pallet is Ms. Shawna Lee Coronado. Gardener, Green advocate, public speaker, author.

We chatted for about an hour and she has a great deal to offer. Check out her blog at:

Back at home, I thought at this time of year  much is happening, and the work of early spring is evident in the garden today.

Due to recent surgery have not been able to keep up with the weeds as I would like, but my dear wife has be assisting big time. Thanks!

About four years ago, my wife decided to sprinkle one of those wild flower box mixes in the  dirt patch between the neighbors driveway and ours. It is supposed to cover 2000 sq ft. She covered maybe 200! It was a color riot for years. Now the yellow cone flower is in its 4th year of naturalizing. What is super cool is the bloom color patterns are changing and now we have some spectacular blossoms.  Enjoy the show!

My favorite of the lot.
As I had  the camera out anyway, I kept poking around to see what I could see.
The trumpet Lily is taller than I am.
This red is quite intense.
And  despite her good intentions,  the resident weeder tore out the bee balm save this one plant. It’s showing its gratitude.
Keep Digging!