A few things have changed since we left for Texas a week ago. I’m taking the next week to try and get the garden in shape fro the coming season. I find a big push now makes life easier inthe middle of summer. The unseasonably cool weather continues here outside Chicago.

Let’s take a walk…

The Magnolia is in bloom, sadly it is a gray day, I hope to get some pictures with the sun shining. My neighbors don’t seem to mind that I plant the Daffodils and Grape Hyacinth (Muscari) in the lawn. It’s my excuse not to have to cut it until almost June.

I like the Lilliputian perspective.

 The Shasta Daisy buds are still tight.

I very much like the sedum family, they are hardy and have so many forms. This one is in the “red bed.”
Speaking of Sedum, this one “Autumn Joy” is under attack at the root level. I’ve never seen this type of damage. I suspect the dreaded voles. The mouse traps will come out.










Another item that needs correcting is the pernicious Hops. Oh, they are nice to begin with, but once they take hold, look out!  To control them I suggest planting them in a container then burying them to nearly the  depth of the pot. Else they run wild. I suspect  taking these out will require the better part of a day.










While we were away the Bleeding Hearts have started to bloom, they are not yet tendrils heavy with fully opened blossoms, but they will be soon.










Sometimes just green is good, I liked the subtle variegation on the bleeding heart leaves as it thrust into the center of an emerging fern.










Harry Lauders Walking Stick (Corylus avellana ‘Contorta’) is starting to bud out.










The wild ginger will need thinning. I have about 5 big patches of it.










And finally, feathery Coreopsis (Moonbeam) is coming up.









I should get outside and get started, before it rains….

How is your garden coming along?

Until next time, Keep Digging & Eat Well!