Up to this point the winter of 1983-84 was the coldest that I’ve ever experienced. Back then I was in college and my travels were limited to darting from dormitory to class, to the Student Union and back to the dorm. Ice over a half inch thick formed on the inside of dorm windows, and at one point we didn’t see above freezing temps for more than 20 consecutive days.

That winter has nothing on 2013-2014. Nada, can’t hold a candle, no comparison.

The well documented polar vortex have provided the following staggering statistics:

22 days below zero Fahrenheit, AVG Temp since mid December is 19F. Avg temp this time of year? 40…. today 11. And then more snow.

When in doubt, I cook. I have a new cookbook and a 6 qt pressure cooker and I’m itching to try them out.

The garden is still under feet of snow.

I’m about a week from starting some seeds indoors but it seems so odd.

How is it by you?