Last year I made some pickles. They were the first thing I ever canned, but I had to purchase the cucumbers. This year I am determined to can some of my own growing so I planted three cucumber plants.  Two went into the Square foot beds and one into a Growbox.

The ones in the grow boxes are climbing  nicely up the trellis constructedfor this purpose. It is 7′ tall, pretty soon , I’ll need to start weaving it downwards.


















The flowers are pretty to look at.









And the clinging tendrils fascinate me.









From the small ones on the trellis…










…to over on the wooden fence in the Growbox,









to this early one that is chilling in the icebox for The Student’s lunch;









it looks like I will have a big harvest. I am not sure I’ll have enough ready simultaneously to can, but I hope so.

Until next time, Keep Digging & Eat Well!