It was a grubby day weeding, taking down the hoop house, and general maintenance. Hot and sweaty, but with a cool beverage I bring you this update.

The hoop house came down. It served its purpose well. Time to harvest the lettuce and plant our tiny “kitchen garden.”

The irises are in full swing. I like the purple and the yellow in the east bed.

And the varigated ones bloomed for the first time this year. In fact there are a few things that this is the first year. Exciting!

The Lupine is doing it’s thing. The blue by the drive has bloomed before, but the ones on the west side of the house are blooming for the first time

Even the false Jacobs Ladder is blooming!

The Peonies are starting, the anemone ones along the house are always first.

Finally, the black locust is in bloom and it glows at twilight

So that is all for today. In a few days I hope to have a special report from our company’s “social day”, where we spent a day to do over the yard and garden for a worthy organization. Stay tuned!