I’ve not been out to the vegetable plot in a bit so  I needed to go see what was happening, harvest anything ripe, thin the radishes and beets that I’ve put in for a fall crop. I also had the usual bucket of kitchen scraps for the compost heap as well as the milled skins and seeds from the tomato sauce I made yesterday. That was intended for the chickens.

I like the idea of growing the tomatoes, giving seeds and skins to the chickens, who then make eggs, and contribute to compost heap when their coop is cleaned. Closing the loop and not a garbage can in sight!

I haven’t shown you the garden recently but this time I remembered the camera. As I got ready to pull out of the drive, I saw some sunflowers, volunteers from the bird seed no doubt, but they were looking cheerfully jaunty, so I snapped a picture.










After arriving on site and dumping the bucket into the compost pile, I treated the chickens aka “the girls” to the skins and seeds of yesterdays tomatoes.  They are quite funny as they will run up to you and beg, and are generally pretty vocal. This quieted them as they feasted.

Here is the whole garden, it is very shaggy and overgrown but is producing  (a little garden humor for you!) quite well.










The eggplants are happy – the Japanese eggplants keep producing and the globe eggplants are getting there too. Despite the leaf damage the fruits are lovely.










The cherry tomatoes keep going – the homeowner claims these as they are his favorite.










The golden Romas were so vigorous they pulled down their support!










The acorn squash are enjoying themselves – we’ll have plenty I think. And I  like that they will keep for months!










After all the photography it was time to do some harvesting. I was surprised at the amount of green beans, the plants look a bit ragged but they keep going strong. Also picked tomatoes, peppers, green beans, Indian cucumbers, and a few eggplant. Another good haul. I’m looking forward to making some golden salsa!










After picking I went over to the big box store, picked up some more canning supplies (on sale) – a little lunch and I’m going to tackle the out of control perennial garden!

Until next time, Keep digging & eat well!

The Gastronomic Gardener