As one of ten children who are scattered north to south and east to west, I’m always happy to see out-of-town siblings.  My brother is coming into town for business and we have the opportunity to get part of the family together.

Though my sister is hosting I was quick to volunteer to bring some food. We’re going with an Italian theme (no we’re not Italian) so I picked the antipasti tray and Insalata di Frutti di Mare.

As part of the antipasti tray I used up some of the pickled cherry peppers.

It is so simple.

Stuffed Pickled Cherry Peppers

Pickled cherry peppers – drained and cored, seeds removed
Sharp provolone cut into cubes
Prosciutto – cut into ribbons
Extra virgin olive oil



  1. Wrap prosciutto around provolone cubes
  2. Stuff into hollowed peppers
  3. Arrange on plate or as part of tray, drizzle with oil.

As one of my blogging friends says “Easy-Peasy!”

















Now I’ve got to run and finish the tray!

Until next time, Eat Well & Keep Digging!