It’s Saturday morning, at the end of July; a time when many gardens seem to start to get out of hand. The thrill of May and June has past and many of the early performers are past their prime. It can be tough to work in the garden in the hottest part of the summer. I have the same issue many years. In fact right now, some of the beds are a bit out of control though I hope to change that in the next two days.

These were the thoughts going through my mind as I stepped out to see what images I might be able to capture. I was pleasantly surprised!

A nice little clutch of tomatoes in the kitchen garden.

The Russian Sage, Rudbeckia, and Hops battle it out.











A cluster of Echinacea. I’m glad one survived as the concrete guys who did the driveway did their best to stomp the other. I was not happy.










A few pictures of the phlox, one of the blooms thriving right now. These are ” Little Princess”. Years ago I planted two for my two little girls. There is also “David” out there but it was knocked down in the rain, the blossoms heavy with water. It is white. Little Princesses and David – get it?

The Lungwort, normally happiest in the spring , is thriving in the shade. I love the leaves.










Speaking of interesting leaves, the Caladium in containers out front are doing well in the shade of the magnolia.














Dispite obvious issues in focusing, this is the first Rudbeckia of the year! Hooray! They will go till frost.










Finally some pictures of moisture on the Lupine leaves. I like the lushness of the images.

Look at the droplets clinging to the very edges of the leaves. Like jewels!










It was a more productive morning than I thought it would be! A nice surprise.

Until next time, Keep digging!/