It has been about a week since my wife and I made it over to the vegetable plot. Since the last time we have had a few heavy rains and I wasn’t sure what to expect.

Aside from the clouds of mosquitos we found the growth remained impressive, the tomatoes are sprawled across the walkways, a great mix of beefsteak, plum and cherry.

The plan was to harvest what we could and plant some more late harvest crops, beets, radish and  bush beans.

The bush beans are blooming again so we’ll let them be and see what happens.

We harvested the remaining beets and carrots. I know some people let the carrots stay in the ground into winter but I think it gets too cold here, besides I needed the row space, so we pulled them. Throw in some  cherry peppers, jalapenos, some weak onions and a whole bunch of tomatoes and we have quite the  haul.

After harvesting the organic jewelry, we put in some more beets, and french breakfast radishes as planned.

After providing some produce to the land owner this is what we brought home.










Stay tuned while we put some of these up. I’m planning to blanch and freeze the carrots, pickle the beets, and  can up some salsa.

Keep digging & eat well!

The Gastronomic Gardener