Pssst…..  Hey Kid…. kid! Yeah you….. C’mere…. Look here,  I’ve got some radish seeds….

Seems there are some folks that lament children don’t eat their vegetables, and are more interested in video games, texting and Instagram than in gardening. They’re worried the younger generation is  losing the connection with their food. For those frightened folks, I have a suggestion.


Yes radishes. They are the perfect gateway veggie for beginners and neophytes. With easy-to handle seeds, sown in the ground or  in a pot,  they are easy to plant and easy to grow. Radishes can be started very early in the spring, and  reach maturity in as few as 21 days.  That’s nearly instant gratification for a gardener!

Besides besides being pretty to look at, these crunchy jewels are delicious in salads, or served thinly sliced with buttered bread and a sprinkle of salt.

What better way to introduce a potential gardener to the thrill of planting, nurturing,  and finally eating home grown veg than the reliable radish?

Who knows, perhaps that neophyte radish grower will turn into an avid vegetable gardener and maybe, just maybe, will introduce someone else to the joys of vegetable gardening.

Spread the joy!

Until next time, Keep Digging and Eat Well!