I was talking to someone the other day; we were talking about vegetable gardening and I mentioned that I grew really great broccoli last year – more than 10.5 lbs on just 2 plants.

She asked me if I grew them from seed.

Uh no, I bought the plants as starts from the garden store.

She gave a me a funny look and said “Oh, well I suppose that’s pretty good.”

When I went home, I started to think about that exchange.

Should it bother me that I didn’t nurture the plants from seed to harvest? Am I less of a gardener because I bought a plant start? Indeed, am I less of a person because of my gardening habits?

I lay awake in bed thinking that maybe, somehow I wasn’t worthy of being called a gardener. After all, a gardener puts seed to soil, coaxes soft tender green out of a hard stone.

When I awoke it had resolved itself.

The way I figure, you’re a gardener the minute you say you are. There is no more intrinsic value in someone who grow prize winning roses than someone who plants petunias by the mailbox.

If you have the skill to grow great produce from a seed, good for you. If you have the ability to take a tiny start, provide the correct care and feeding to produce a bountiful harvest good for you too!

Never let someone tell you or make you feel that what you’re growing doesn’t have merit.

The simple act of transplanting a start, watering, weeding and cultivating until you may finally harvest makes you a gardener!

Be proud of yourself! I think more people should grow their food!

I wonder if she cures her own bacon?