Yesterday we got about 4″ of rain as measured in a 5 gallon bucket. Today it’s going to be 90! I went out early to do some weeding and “smartening up” as Mark would say.  I made good progress but there is still much to be done.  There are some fine things in a garden after a good soaking (drowning?)

The west side is one of my favorite views of the garden,  a small arbor down the path, my crooked gate, another arbor and the Japanese maple. I like the way it pulls you in.









This tangle of color has variegated Iris, Shasta Daisy and bachelor buttons. The iron fence I rescued from scrap last year. I got 4 panels. They weigh a ton! Had them professionally stripped and now they are left to aged gracefully in the garden.









Through the gate and on the left, the clematis is spectacular!










Down  the path (don’t look to the right, the ivy bed is a disaster!) and into the back. A different perspective of the Squarefoot garden.









The roses are late, but will come in their own time.










Finally two guardians, one in the sun, one in the shade.  The hermaphoditic sun god from the Dominican Republic faces east to greet the rising sun.







And this little fellow from Limburg, Germany is up to something, but he’s apparently somewhat nervous.












I’m off to the in-laws to drop off some tomato seedlings…

Until next time, Keep Digging & Eat Well!