Inspired by the wonderful pictures of produce over at Mark’s Veg Plot I decided to take some glamor shots from the harvest last evening.

Crooked neck squash









Hot banana peppers









I think the chard may be the best looking










First picking of green beans









Complete harvest from last night.









I started feeling a bit anxious that we won’t have much harvest, but I went back to last years’ postings and things didn’t start really taking off until the end July when the tomato harvest began in earnest. I think we’ll be OK. The addition of the crooked neck, zucchini, and pickling cucumbers should help pick up the pace.

The beets aren’t bulbing out except for the odd one here or there, though the foliage looks great. Hopefully the fall crop will do better.

Until next time, Keep Digging & Eat Well!

The Gastronomic Gardener