Last week, was a busy week – entertaining folks from headquarters. Part of that entails far more restaurant meals than I am accustomed to. While I love a steak as much as the next guy, I’m really yearning for some homemade food.

A week or so back I was thinking about Saag Paneer, but I never got around to it. At least today I’ve made the Paneer. Paneer is a fresh unaged acid-set cheese made from whole milk and an acid – citrus juice, or vinegar. In my case I just used some lemon juice. This is even easier than home made ricotta there is no need to even check the temperature.  I’ll use this later but for now here you go.



1/2 gallon (1.89 l) whole milk
3 Tablespoons (45 ml) lemon juice


    1. Put milk into a large pot over medium heat
    2. IMG_1359_PM

    3. Heat milk until it starts to boil, – 8-12 minutes – stir often with spatula to keep it from sticking to the bottom
    4. Add lemon juice to boiling milk and stir to incorporate, reduce heat a little and stir almost constantly until milk curdles – about 5 minutes
    5. IMG_1361_PM

    6. Turn off heat and pour into a linen – or cheese clothe lined colander
    7. IMG_1362_PM

    8. Carefully – remember this was just boiling! – gather the cloth in a twist and squeeze out the whey.
    9. Place the curd filled cloth on a plate with the twist off to the side, not on the top or bottom – place another plate on top and weigh down with something heavy – I used a couple big tins of beans.
    10. After 30 to 45 minutes, gently unwrap the now solid cheese

paneer finished
This made about 250 g – roughly 8 ounces – of Paneer. Use it in a salad, Saag Paneer, or any other dish that calls for it.

This is super easy and a great project for children to learn.

Until next time Eat Well & Keep Digging!