I have not posted much from the garden lately simply because there is not much going on. After my harvest frenzy, I’ve been concentrating on the kitchen.

Some unseasonably warm weather took me out to the garden to continue cleanup I poked around to see what I could see.

The chard loves the cold weather, and I wouldn’t be surprised if some survived until next spring.

It is so beautiful!











The broccoli is still producing side shoots. I picked about  10 oz for dinner.  I’d neglected it  enough to allow it to flower. The honey bees were still working here in mid November,  I was glad to see them and happy the broccoli could still provide some pollen for them! I wonder if they are domestic or wild? Either way is Ok to me!


But the big stars of the day were the Brussels Sprouts. Stalks emerging from the soil were as big as my wrist and supported big  healthy plants.

I’d already picked some for Sprouts braised  with apple  and canadian bacon  but with the forecast calling for temps in the low 20s F, I decided it was time  to harvest four of the five Brussels Sprouts plants. (I left one in the ground in the name of science, I want to see how low can it go.) While the sprouts towards  the bottom of the stalks are a bit bedraggled, the ones in the middle and on top are perfect! 

As you see I also pulled in the last three cabbages to make  sauerkraut (it’s fermenting on the counter as I write!)

I stripped two stalks – that’ll keep me busy for a while and  I left two stalks whole – by trimming up the bottoms and thrusting them into a  bucket with some damp sand, I hope to keep them until ready to use.  I placed that on the front enclosed porch to  afford it some protection.  I’ll let you  know how it goes.

Now the question is, how to prepare them! Stay tuned!

Until next time. Keep Digging and Eat Well!