We’ve got a series of showers and thunderstorms rolling through but I managed to get out and get 13lbs or so more of produce yesterday morning.









The plum tomatoes to the left are from the Growboxes. They are still neck and neck with the Squarefoot gardening technique (17 and 18 lbs respectively) except…

…there are only two plants in the grow box, versus 3 in the Squarefoot garden! So the Growbox appears to be 1/3 more productive. It’s looking like next year more of the Growboxes will be devoted to tomatoes in order to maximize yield.


In other news, there at least a couple butternut squashes that are growing. I hope there is enough time for them.










I also spotted a tiny acorn squash and an even smaller watermelon. I don’t think the melon will make it before frost but we’ll see.











A globe eggplant is growing nicely. In my limited experience, eggplant do very well at the end of the season.










I am already planning to expand for next year, but that will require the relocation of some of the perennials to the front or donating them to friends.

Now I’m off to do some tidying up. There are parts that are completely out of control heat and rain aren’t just good for the vegetables. But that is a different post.

I leave you with an “art shot.”

Future pickle











Until next time, Keep Digging & Eat Well!

The Gastronomic Gardener