Tonight after work, I put together the Growboxes.

The parts: Top and bottom and cover with fertilizer strip.










The fertilizer is attached to a sheet that covers the potting mix (not potting soil) and also has a handy numbering system for plant spacing. The instructions tell you which numbers to use for different plants.

Snap the top and bottom together.









Now looking into the box, the tabs are bent down, this forms the wicking chamber.










Bend those tabs down and pack firmlywith potting mix.










Fill the box halfway and water thoroughly.









Fill completely and water again. Add plants per the instructions. Tomatoes are two per box, I planted Romas and Celebrity. They are already in the square foot garden, and I have two more to put in the veggie plot. The instructions say to use small plants, these are not so small. Hopefully that will not be an issue. Yes it was dark by the time I finished. You can see one of the fertilizer strips on the right.









Add the cover, and fill the well.









One is done, the other two await residents. I’ll get to that this weekend.









Until next time, Keep Digging & Eat Well!

The Gastronomic Gardener