It’s been a busy couple days in the garden. The heat has finally broken and I can get outside without melting. What’s Happening?

One Growbox is done, the zucchini and cucumbers succumbed to powdery mildew, there were no blossoms active so out they came.

In the Squarefoot bed, the squash is turning into “Frankensquash.” The normal stem has  turned more ribbon like and there is a large cluster of tiny squashes. Have yours done this?










I cleaned out some “squares” and added more soil mix (1/3 each by volume, peat, vermiculite and manure). I got a nice little surprise when cleaning out one of the squares that I had grown green onions. These little treasure were hiding under the soil.










I put in carrots, beets, radish, lettuce, bush beans,kale and bok choi. Hopefully we’ll get something from them. Here’s a couple squares.










We’ve been getting good harvests and the cucumbers in particular keep on coming. Almost to 50 lbs from three plants. Well, two plants now. I know  it’s normal, but I still am thrilled to pick a few pounds one night, go out the next and get another three plus pounds. It makes me happy.

Picked some peppers yesterday. I’m a little paranoid to let them go all the way on the vine. Seem like when I do, some critter gets to them or they rot or in some way become unusable. Not happening this year. I’ll pick a little early and be sure to have something to eat.










These peppers are big. In my hand for scale.










I also picked a couple of the giant marconis. The big one is 8″ long.










Are you planting fall crops? When are your frost dates?

Until next time, Keep Digging & Eat Well!

The Gastronomic Gardener