I’m fighting a bit of jet-lag after being in Germany this past week, and the Student has her nose to the grindstone preparing for another CPA exam. Despite that, it is time to get some things in the ground.

Sadly, without my care, the seedlings failed; so I had to get some from the store. I’d rather not go that route, and feel somewhat that it is not ideal, but I would rather betray high ideals than go without veggies later.

I feel as though I am late but the calendar says otherwise. The warm weather in March was misleading  so we should still be fine.

To start, I replaced the grids  on the boxes so I can see what I am doing. I use mason’s string – it is strong, lasts the season and comes in great colors. With the beds so fluffy, planting  should be a breeze.









I put in some lettuces, and planted some spinach seeds. I covered the bed with some fine netting to keep the birds and squirrels out.









I also put in about 100 onion starts, 8 chard plants, 30 shallots, and 100 onion sets for green onions. I don’t think you all need to look at blank dirt, but there are two things you might like.

The sage is about to flower, the lighting is odd as it is dusk and there is a light on at the house.









and the chives are just starting to bloom.









It’s good to get my hands dirty after spending the day at the office.

In the next days I’ll get the radishes, beets, kohlrabi, turnips  seeds planted. I hope you are making progress in your garden!