I’ve been pretty busy with work, and the great flood of 2013 has put a damper on getting outside. I was feeling a bit crispy around the edges so I scheduled a three day weekend.

I could not have picked a better time.

The rain finally stopped Thursday night, and though we took a little water in the basement it was not bad. Saturday was booked as a brother was in town from California, and five of the ten kids got together. It was a nice visit.

But Sunday and Monday were glorious. Sunday I screened compost, which always makes me happy.  I hoed, smoothed and composted some of the raised beds. They look ready! I also cleaned out the peony bed.

Today I dropped the Accountant off at work, went to the home improvement store, puttered for a few hours then finally came home.

It was warm in the sun, and as I type, I know my neck is sunburned. I couldn’t be happier!

I was rooting around in the garage and found some old fence pieces I  had saved after the great storm of 2012. I knew I was going to make something but wasn’t sure what. In just an hour or so, I had put together two little plant boxes that fit a 3.5″ pot perfectly and a rustic fence shelf thingy shown at the top. flower box post

I didn’t make any cuts, just a few nails and a couple of screws and these were done.
I think I’ll bring them to the garden club meeting to donate as door prizes!

Reduce, reuse, repurpose in the sunshine with only the breeze and the spring birds to keep me company.  A really great day. An ice cold beer and firing up the grill are next on the agenda.

Happy Monday/ Earth Day!

Until next time, Keep Digging and Eat Well!