Few things say 4th of July  in the U.S. like a cookout, and today will be an epic one. I’m smoking two pork butts, and two racks of pork ribs. The smoked pork freezes very nicely so I’ll put some of that up, there will be lunches for the week and a feast tonight!

The Student is eyeballs deep in study, so I was able to putter at a comfortable pace all day.

Everything gets a a generous massage with my rub. The butts I tied up, makes them easier to remove without having them fall apart. The ribs are trimmed, and the silver skin removed from the bone side.

The butts went on about  noon – I was running late. I kept the smoker running at 225-250F for the whole smoke. I really like the Weber smoker – I am able to keep a nice even temp for a long time without fussing with it.

At  3:00 the ribs went on. Which gave me my first peek at the butts.
I added apple wood chunks at the same time. And let this smoke another 5 hours –DSC04752

Tender, smokey with just enough bark. The butts look awesome as well. Beneath that gruff exterior is meltingly tender and flavorful meat. I need to let this rest before I can shred it.
The ribs I finished on the grill with a brushing of my favorite BBQ.
A couple ribs, some bacon beans, a bit of slaw and a stack of napkins to wipe my face. This is fine 4th of July fare!
Until next time, Eat Well & Keep Digging