There’s a freeze warning for tonight with a low at 31 degrees Fahrenheit. The garden here is pretty protected, but I’ve taken the precaution to cover everything anyway.

But before I did, I managed to get some shots this weekend of the current status to share with you.

I have most of the garden installed but there is still much to do.

The Garlic is up and doing well. Only a few more months till harvest.

Broccoli and Brussels sprouts are in but covered to protect while they are young and vulnerable. The low row cover works perfectly.

Radishes and arugula are in need of thinning. They are alongside some shallots.

And the lettuce looks happy. Romaine and butter crunch. I’m try to space the harvest so I do not have the glut of lettuce I had last year.

Potatoes, carrots, squashes, and about half the peppers are all waiting on warmer weather. I hope I was not premature. I’ll be up early checking on the plants. I hope this is the last freeze of the spring.

Until next time, Keep Digging & Eat Well.


*UPDATE – Unfortunately when I got home it appears two of the tomatoes and all five of the eggplants got burnt. We’ll keep an eye on them for a week and replace them if needed.