I’m not a huge fan of carrots, not one of my favorites to munch raw, unlike a just picked tomato, where a little salt and pepper on top and I’m happy.

That said, the little carrots harvested were fun to pull up and will be great in the deep of winter. I’ll make my mother’s Honey Ginger Carrots. Those I like and they bring fond remembrances.

I started with a couple pounds of washed fresh carrots.











Trimmed down and  portion out – after cleaning and taking the leaf ends off I’ll end up with 4 6oz bags.The scale helps with the portioning. If you follow this blog you’ll notice the cast iron skillet. It is almost always there. It makes me happy to have it on the stove top.










I’m following the instructions From Ball Blue Book – guide to preserving. According to them I should blanch for 3 minutes










followed by 3 minutes in an ice bath.










I dried them off and bagged them in the vacuum sealer. Into the freezer to await their turn to shine.










Eat Well & Keep digging

The Gastronomic Gardener