Potatoes are not very sexy.

Remember Matt Dillon in “The Flamingo Kid?” –  he is asked by the antagonist “How many potatoes do you think you’ll eat before you die?” The implication is they are ordinary, humble, pedestrian.

To me potatoes provide a healthy base of many a meal. I don’t believe potatoes are nutritionally shallow culprits of American obesity. Oh, if you deep fry them and that’s the only way you consume them, well then, my guess is you’re also chowing down on burgers too.  But in their basic form potatoes are packed with nutrition!

If you followed the Lord of the Rings trilogy, Hobbits were quite fond of “taters.” Sam (the real hero in my opinion) trying to explain ‘taters to Gollum declares “Boil’em, mash’em stick’em in a stew!” Oddly this phrase became the source of a You-Tube mash-up Boil’em, Mash’em Stick’em in a Stew

However, sometimes baking a potato, or peeling then boiling takes a little more time than I can afford.   So potatoes that are readily available for a soup or quick oven roast, or weekend breakfast are an ideal addition to the deep pantry.

Keeping thrift in mind, I waited until after the Thanksgiving holiday, assuming the price of potatoes would drop. And did they ever – from $2.99/10 lb to a mere 99 cents for the same amount. I bought a bag. I should have bought more but I expect the same pattern will repeat after Christmas.

Canning potatoes is pretty simple – peel, chop, par-boil 10 minutes then pressure can for 35 minutes at 10-11 lbs. For complete instructions check this out great resource at Pickyourown.org

I have to say it was my first go at this…  I boiled the cubes 10 minutes and as I packed the jars the potato pieces were already quite soft. Checking other resources indicates I probably should have only par-cooked the potato cubes for 2 minutes! Oh well, it’s not like they will be inedible, but perhaps I have a lot of potato soup in my future!

For 99 cents, I now have 12 pints of ready to go potatoes in the pantry!

Until next time, Eat Well and Keep Digging!