It’s been a week since the neighborhood was savaged by a ferocious storm. We lost two trees which will be missed. The big limbs came down in the garden, over the deck, on The Student’s truck. The insurance claims adjuster comes out today. Additionally it has been ridiculously hot here, I might expect this weather for the deep south, but here? Not so much. Temperatures have been in the 90’s eight out of the last ten days and four of those have been 98 or more. Today it is forecast to be 100 (again) before we finally get some relief tomorrow. 86 will feel cool!

So for posterity here is the current damage. The first two are taken from the street facing the house turned slightly left and right. Yes the sign is mine, have to keep some humor in it all. By the way, my street was not nearly the worst hit, nearby it is far far worse. Driving around and looking makes me a bit queasy still. Yet, what can you do? Move forward is the only option.















































In the initial aftermath I was tempted to go through the garden and evaluate the damage and begin to fix or repair, and prune. But I decided that perhaps giving my emotions a break, and giving the plants a chance to rebound might be a more prudent course. After all, broken plants may not show the true impact of trauma for a day or two.

My strategy was to only water for a week. I figured if there were broken spots or branches they would wither and it would be very evident what bits to remove. So that is what I did. In reality I lost a bit of chard to wind damage – but that’ll soon replace itself, a tomato plant looks beaten down, but is still quite alive, some beans were wiped out (good thing I planted a lot of beans), the potatoes got whipped about and while they are flopping over they are still thriving, and damage to the physical infrastructure is repairable. Repairs to the vertical structures will wait until after the season as to try and fix them now would be more trouble than beneficial. After all, the plants care not a whit for aesthetics, we do. Today I plan on repairing the bed and replacing the squashed compost pile. Tomorrow when it cools down will be a general tidying up and perhaps replacing the picket fence that separates the driveway from the garden.

While walking about this morning there are some good things. The high heat and daily watering have really benefited the heat lovers, tomatoes, chillies, eggplants and squashes. It won’t be much of a year for cucumbers I’m afraid. Oh well!


Labeled Anaheim chillies but I don't think so









Jimmy Nardello - Sweet










There will be tomatoes, lots of tomatoes!

Roma - there are four plants, loaded with unripe fruit









Rutgers - one of my favorite salad tomatoes









Spagetti squash with a beard - actually a sling - experimenting if it is really needed.




















As I said we were lucky, it could have been worse and  things are looking up!

Until next time, Keep Digging & Eat Well!