Since I started blogging, I’ve not kept up with the garden journal so this post mainly serves as a record. This summer has been unusually hot and dry. We are bound to set several records in terms of days above 90F and 100F. This has necessitated frequent waterings, and sadly most of that comes from the hose pipe because there simply has not been enough rain to fill the barrels.

The long term damage from the storm to the vegetable garden has been negligable. After some initial tattiness – it has rebounded with vigor. Here is what I saw this morning.

Peppers love the growboxes in the hot driveway




Close up of peppers "Jimmy Nardello" about ready to harvest.

















Eggplant "Ichiban" fruiting nicely

These tomatoes were orginally squashed pretty much by the storm. However in recent weeks they have rebounded sending up strong vines. There are three here, a Sweet 100, Old German, and a yellow “Jubilee.” There are beans next to them growing up the netting. That foliage is starting to look a bit peaked – perhaps a form of mosiac?

Tomatoes on the rebound!

Turnips in forground, and chard. Very healthy!

Can’t resist the chard “glamor shot.” Some insect damage but still pretty.

Three feet between rows apparently is not enough! Brussels Sprouts, Broccoli and Tomatoes to the left, more Brussels Sprouts, Zucchini and winter squash (Butternut and Spaghetti) to the right.

Brussels Sprouts sprouting!















From the other side – gives a better view of the squashes climbing. Yes the Romas are sprawling all over the ground. No, they don’t seem to care a whit!


Not everything is a success, this poor cucumber is hanging on.


Inspired by Mark, I planted some purple beans, Trionfo Violetto. they have grown to the top of the 8′ trellis and areĀ  blooming and there are some small pods.


























I did leave out the carrots and potatoes as that’s a different post.

How does your garden grow?

Until next time, Keep Digging and Eat Well!