OK, so I couldn’t justify going through 2006-2008 – really more of the same, just bigger. A few plants did fail. After a few years of covering the arch and the shade structure the silver lace just did not come back. I’ve replaced it with hops – Caution – unless you have a place for them to go, avoid hops they are super aggressive!

The yellow iris that came from the Batavia House with me are petering out – they need some transplanting and centering again – they have wandered into the sedum.










And the Hops grow vigorously up the shade structure.

I haven’t shown you much from the shady area against the garage – here are some ferns and hostas.

It’s just  very peaceful back there.

We were very fortunate this spring to come into some river rock free for the hauling. I was on that faster than a hobo on a chicken dinner! The west side of the house had always been neglected. I took some time off work and used the rock to define and edge the beds. I also had enough to edge around the magnolia out front. Take a walk with me.
So there is a little tour of the side garden. I really like the way it pulls you into the back garden and your eye travels all the way to the japanese maple.
The roses were spectacular again last year.
The peonies performed well again. As I’ve mentioned they came with the property even if I didn’y know they were here when I bought the place. I’ve also worked out the staking methond – both effective and discrete.
On to the lilies! Always liked them and they come in so many forms and colors. Always interesting.
And now the final few before I wrap up 2009.
And so we’ll wrap it up now. I am sure there are other pics, I know I am missing the Knockout roses, the lupine, the sedum and a few others. Oh well there is always this year!
If you have any questions of comments, I’d love to hear from you.