Well,  after a blockbuster and detailed start to the journal, I really fell off in production in journaling if not in the garden.

12 Apr – Shade structure in
26 Apr – replaced chainlink along drive with picket. Moved John Davis 24″ west

3 May – Put in ferns , Bleeding Hearts, Helleboris,phlox, Mums, Astilbe – next steps are to till / grade the back and put down mulch
4 May – Cool and rain – new plants look good – not shocky at all.
16 May – big push, back area almost done – moved 4 yards of mulch – the wheelbarrow and I are old friends. Furniture arrived – Looks great!

10 June a gentle cool wet spring, Iris were spectacular – they are almost done. Salvia 24′ tall and very strong. Roses look good – John Davis benefited from 26 April move. Hostas and west bed lush.

That’s it, the extent of  of 2003 journal – Kinda pathetic huh?

The hosta’s were for the most part donated, though I did get a few of the big ones.

Lets look at some the pictures?

Magnolia in front
Picket on left is last of fencing changes
Grubby clay crud
Are you kidding me?
At this point I  decided to used ground cloth to block any weeds and just mulch over the top. Good choice!
Furniture –  starting to come together
From the deck
Pretty proud of this, even the delivery guy said it looked good.
A few weeks later the roses are blooming!

So there we are for 2003!

Any questions or comments? Any readers? Buehler? Buehler?