January 2012

Post image for Cheesey Pumpkin Cauliflower Gratin

I have a lovely “Cinderella” pumpkin from the cellar that is calling to me. It’s a bit large for one meal but I’ll certainly have uses for any leftovers. This can be adapted so many ways but basically what we’re doing is roasting both the pumpkin and the cauliflower, then making a sauce with half [...]

Post image for Quinoa Pilaf on Butternut Squash Galettes

I’m loving the pseudo-cereals of late, and while I’ve done Quinoa before, this is a little different take. Perhaps this is a bit of a fussy presentation but after the rustic BBQ I thought I’d go a little downtown vegan. Super simple – just a few ingredients and  flexible to what you have in your icebox, [...]

Post image for Brisket and Texas Smoky Links

What makes it a Texas BBQ? While other parts of the country think of pork shoulder or ribs as BBQ, in Texas it means beef brisket and sausages. Smoked over mesquite, this is as authentic as I can get here in the suburbs of Chicago.

Post image for Planning Your Garden Part IV- Starting Seed Indoors

Starting seed indoors gives you a head start on the season. Read this guest post, and see how easy it is.

Vegan Kasha Varnishkes

Buckwheat, despite the name, is not related to wheat or cereal at all but rather is in the same family as sorrel and rhubarb. This grain is no longer a commercially important cash crop in the US but remains a staple in eastern Europe. Increased use of commercial nitrogen fertilization which enabled farmers to grow wheat  and corn crops more [...]

Post image for Planning Your Garden – Part III – About Soil

Let’s talk Dirt(y)! What is soil? Soil is a mix of eroded rock and organic matter. Over millions of years rock breaks down to tiny bits and may mix with decayed organic matter. Organic in this sense refers to anything that was once alive. Very low organic levels result in sand or gravel, at the [...]

Post image for Planning Your Garden – Part II – Choosing a style

Great! You have picked out your location, now let’s consider of what type of garden to put in. There are many styles of vegetable gardens. In the “old days” row gardens were common and you still see them today, particularly where there is plenty of space to put under cultivation. Also popular are raised beds. [...]